«CorporatePoetry», de Alex Saum-Pascual

Alex Saum-Pascual, miembro del proyecto, ha expuesto su obra «CorporatePoetry» en la muestra en línea titulada «Texts of Discomfort» que ha tenido lugar entre los días 3 a 6 de noviembre de 2020 como parte de la International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling.

La obra pasa a integrarse en la exposición permanente de Bournemouth como parte de las actividades en respuesta a la covid-19. Puede verse en aquí

Corporate Poetry is an exploration into how corporate language relates to that other corpora that is our body. Through a series interactive “rooms,” this work repurposes the language of a variety of online forms and platforms (Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Zoom and Qualtrics, among others) in order to domesticate the neoliberal intent of these data gathering technologies. By bringing attention to language and our embodied reality, these works of poetry make visible the digital infrastructure that is unintentionally brought into our homes whenever we participate in an online survey or take a video conferencing call. In a time where measures to contain the global pandemic are forcing citizens to shelter in their homes, these works illuminate a new dimension of our everyday confinement.
Although it may sound counterintuitive, the destruction of natural resources and human life is directly related to the evolution of digital technologies that project a perverse sense of immaterial existence. By rethinking the materiality of digital languages these two poetry rooms aim to further disjoint that relation.